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WHA Entertainment specializes in developing strategic Mobile Apps for diversified Industries engaging consumers.  Our unique in game marketing brand gamification reward loyalty program features unique branding concepts.  Our focus is delivering analytical ROI for our clients. We deliver impactful solutions for the world's leading companies.

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WHA Entertainment wins Development Awards


WHA Entertainment won this year's CT Development Awards, marking it as one of the top development companies in the state.


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WHA Entertainment selected as a "2012" Company to Watch


WHA Entertainment chosen from more than 100 start-ups and emerging growth companies in the connecticut innovation summit.



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Game Developers and Publishing Studio: Created By Gamers, Engineered for Brand's! 

Industries we are creating and developing exciting game content for include: Entertainment Companies, Corporations, Celebrity Artists, & Business Enterprises

WHA Entertainment is a full-service game development company engineered for video, social, mobile as an entertainment platform or for corporate brands, products and entertainment properties. 


Whether your brand is creating new content or publishing existing content in digital space, our company's innovative game play / business application solutions / will energize your customers to participate in your brand, grow your audience and engage more effectively.


With many years of industry gaming experience, WHA Entertainment gives you the expertise and creative talent that will take your branding strategies to the next level. 


By teaming with WHA Entertainment, for your digital branding solutions, game monetization and consumer experience solutions, you have a powerful company that will keep you a step ahead.


It's the client's vision we play for.



Goal: We are helping Brands converge their assets with our studio resources, including working with leading entertainment properties, celebrities, and original IP concepts to create the best-in-class branded games for consumer enjoyment and social media buzz.  

By teaming with Wha Entertainment for your video game solutions, we have the answers  & solutions to reach millions of game players, delivering a rich revenue stream backed by marketing and strategic gameplay mechanics. 

With the success of Wha Entertainment gaming, we have created our in-house brand marketing team to take advantage of metaverse branding for companies, brands, products, and services.

Creating solutions for Multiple Media and Advertising Agencies that want to help their clients reach and engage with their customers 24/7, a Digital Experience for the company's content.  

By branding your company's message through our analytical Gamification reward system, our studios exceed your advertising and marketing challenges, increasing your company's visibility and consumer engagement. 

Integrating consumer Brand consumption through our unique “Zapp Rewards” program for social and mobile games is what WHA Entertainment can do for you.